Welcome to the Minersville Area School District

It is the mission of the Minersville Area School District, in conjunction with dedicated parents and community, to develop in each of our students the desire to be life-long learners.  By providing a safe educational environment, a dedicated staff, and a curriculum designed to challenge the diverse talents and needs of our students, we can achieve this mission and provide our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the needs of a changing society.


GUIDANCE OFFICE Contact Information:


Guidance Counselors:
Jenna Dyszel (Last Name A to L)
570-544-4761 X2005

Rachelle Jones (Last Name M-Z)                                      Minersville Area Jr/Sr High School
rjones@battlinminers.com                                                          CEEB Code: 392690
570-544-4761 X2004

Guidance Secretary:
Heidi Hashin
570-544-4761 X2003

Career Resources and Portfolios
College resources
Finacial Aid/Scholarships
Student Services

Career Resources and Portfolios
Career Resources/Websites:
The AES Education Planner website not only provides a search engine for post-secondary options and financial aid resources, but also provides other career exploration resources and assessment tools (i.e. learning styles inventory) that are helping for exploring post-secondary programs of study and corresponding career profiles.

This website has been developed in cooperation with the PA Dept. of Labor and Industry and the PA Dept. of Education to provide resources for career exploration including assessment tools (i.e., interest profiler, work values) and occupational profiles with career videos.

This website is a career planning and exploration program that combines a multiple-aptitude test with an interest self-assessment and a wide range of career exploration tools.  The ASVAB is part of the career portfolios in the junior year.

The Choices Planner helps students learn about themselves with different interest assessments.  It also provides post-secondary and career resources.

Career Portfolios:
Every student at MAHS has a career portfolio which is kept in the guidance office.  Every year different interest assessments are added to their student portfolios as well as other information.  Students wishing to add materials to their portfolios such as excellent papers, awards, community recognitions, letters of recommendation etc. should bring a copy to guidance.


College Resources:

College Entrance Exams:
It is recommended that college bound students take the ACT or SAT at least once or twice their junior year.  Students should contact their college of choice for specifics on what score and what test is recommended.  Fee waivers for the ACT and SAT are available for students that qualify from their counselor.  Please make sure when you register for these exams that you use Minersville Area High School’s CEEB Code (392690) to ensure the Guidance Office receives your scores so they can be placed on your transcript.  Students should also list the colleges they want to receive their scores.  **Please note, Penn State University will only accept SAT scores sent by the College Board.  If you are considering attending PSU please be sure to include them as a college to receive your scores. 

www.act.org The ACT website contains dates, deadlines, locations, and registration information for ACT exams. It also contains information on the PLAN Test.      

www.collegeboard.com The College Board website contains dates, deadlines, locations, and registration information for SAT exams.             It s also contains information on PSAT exams, Advanced Placement courses and exams, and career and college resources.

College Visitations and Open Houses:

All juniors and seniors are allowed up to 3 college visits per year.  It is recommended that a student visit a college before making any decisions.  College visits should be set up with the admission office at the student’s college of choice.   Most college websites have information on college visit days and/or college open house days.  Students should bring in a note from a parent the day before the visit, and a note from the college must be received the day they return from the visit.

NCAA Clearinghouse and College Athletics:
http://web1.ncaa.org/ECWR2/NCAA_EMS/NCAA.html Seniors with an interest in playing college athletics at the Division I or II level must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse via their website.  You must complete a transcript request form in the Guidance Office once your registration is complete.

Transcript Requests:
Any graduate or current student needing a transcript must fill out a trasscript request form and return it to Mrs. Hashin in the Career Center.  Please note, you need to request a transcript even if you apply online.  The guidance staff does not know that you applied online unless you request a transcript, and the staff also does not receive any emails or letters that you receive from colleges or scholarships.  All materials including letters of recommendation, activities list, essays, etc. need to be included with your request.


Financial Aid/Scholarships:

How to Apply for Financial Aid:

Go to www.fafsa.ed.gov
Apply for a PIN number and be sure to check email
Find school codes and check deadlines
Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on-line after January 1 of student’s senior year

Useful Phone Numbers:

General Info about Federal Aid: 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) for FAFSA help & to request copies of Student Aid Report (SAR)
Pa Higher Education Assistance Agency Grant and Loan Programs 1-800-692-7392
For specific questions contact financial aid office at student’s college of choice
Financial Aid and Scholoships/Awards Websites:
www.sss.gov (Any 18 year old male must register with the selective service in order to be eligible for financial aid.)

Click here for MAHS Scholarship List


Student Services:

Career and Counseling Center:
The Career Center is a great resource area for students. Career, college, military, financial aid, scholarship and SAT/ACT information is available.  To use the Career Center during study period, students must sign up and get a pass in the Career Center the day before. If you sign up to use the Career Center, you should report to your homeroom and stay there until the bell rings to report to study period. Then give your homeroom teacher your pass and report to the Career Center by 8:04am. You must remain in the Career Center for the entire study period. If you do not come to the Career Center when you have signed up, you will be reported to the office as a class cut. While using the Career Center you should be engaging in College, Career, Financial Aid and Scholarship activities. You may sign-up to use a laptop computer to complete these activities.  Laptops may not be used for e-mail, playing games or visiting non-school related websites.

Community Service:
All students must have 20 hours of community service to graduate from Minersville Area High School.  These hours must be completed voluntarily, without compensation and at a time beyond the normal school hours. Community Service must be completed for a NON-PROFIT agency (SPCA, Red Cross, Library, school, etc) and not for an individual person or a for-profit company.  The Community Service Form must be signed by official in charge of the community service activity, and returned to Mrs. Hashin in the Career Center.

Student Assistance Program:
The Minersville Area High School Student Assistance Program (SAP) is designed to assist school personnel, parents, and students in identifying issues including alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and mental health issues which pose a barrier to a student’s success in grades 7 through 12.  The primary goal of SAP is to help those referred students overcome those barriers in order to achieve, remain, and advance in school.  The SAP Team is professionally trained and includes school staff (administration, counselors, nurse, and teachers) and a community agency liaison that is trained to access alcohol and drug/mental health services.  Any staff, student, family member, or member of the community may refer a student using the SAP Referral Form.

Tutoring Services:
Tutoring services are available through the National Honor Society during study period Monday through Thursday in Room 129.  Students or parents can request tutoring services by completing a Tutoring Referral Form.  The form should be signed by the teacher of the class in which the student needs help, and the form should then be returned to the Career Center.