Breakfast Prices
High School & Elementary - $1.15
Adult - $1.80
Reduced - 30¢ Adult - $1.85
Lunch Prices
High School - $2.45
Elementary - $2.30
Reduced - 40¢ Adult - $3.85

Charging of Student Meal Accounts Will Be As Follows:
"Maximum Total of $5.00" will ONLY be allowed to be charged for a lunch.

Our District Wellness Policy can be viewed under the Information tab of this website.  MASD welcomes community input on our Wellness Policy.

Click here to read the National School Lunch Standards
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Read the Smart Snack Letter

Free meals are available during the summer.   Please visit or call 866-3HUNGRY (866-348-6479)  or 877-8HAMBRE (877-842-6273) to locate a site that serves free meals during summer months